The Whiting Club is governed by a written Constitution and By-Laws.  Officers include a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Trustees.


Chair                                     Peter Eschauzier

Vice Chair                             Charles E. D. Thorland

Treasurer                              Carl Hyam

Recording Secretary             J .D. Scrimgeour

Corresponding Secretary      Ken Harris


Charles L. Newhall  (Term End 2017)

Peter Eschauzier (Term Ends 2017)

Craig McLanahan (Term Ends 2019)

Charles E. D. Thorland (Term Ends 2020)

Michael D. Maginn (Term Ends 2021)


I.  Name and Purpose

This association, formed May 26, 1903, at the suggestion of the Reverend Augustine Amory, rector of St. Stephen’s Memorial Church, Lynn, for the purpose of general culture and congenial fellowship, shall be known as “The Whiting Club,” in memory of the Reverend Samuel Whiting, a learned minister of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who is recognized as having given the name of “Lynn” to the community in which he dwelt.

II. Organization

1. The member of The Whiting Club shall be grouped into three classifications, as follows:

  1. Active Members
  2. Inactive Members
  3. Honorary Life Members

2. The Active Members shall be elected from the residents of Lynn and other communities on the North Shore region of Massachusetts and shall not be more than thirty-five in number at any time.

3. The Inactive Members shall be chosen from those Active Members of at least two years’ standing who have moved their residence from the area included in the paragraph above or are otherwise unable to attend meetings and who wish to continue some connection with the Club. A request may be made in writing for consideration of the Trustees for transfer to Group B in such case. The Chairman shall announce the decision of the Trustees to transfer the status of an Active Member to Inactive as of the next meeting.

4. Honorary Life Membership may be conferred by vote of the Active Membership upon those who wish to retire from Active Membership whose length of membership and efforts on behalf of the Club recommend this expression of esteem. Such a vote transfers the Honoree’s status from Active Membership effective immediately.

5. Members of Groups B and C shall be welcome at any meeting and shall be relieved from carrying out the duties of Active Membership except as they desire to continue them. Honorary Life Members shall be exempt from the payment of dues and assessments.

III.  Administration

1. The management of Club affairs shall be vested in a Board of Trustees composed of a least five Active Members. At each Annual Meeting one Trustee shall be elected for a term of five years. Except as hereinafter provided, a Trustee shall not be eligible for re-election at the Annual Meeting at which his term expires. The Board of Trustees each year shall choose from among their own number a Chairman and a Vice Chairman. Upon the recommendation of the Board of Trustees the Active Membership may vote to extend the term of the Chairman or Vice Chairman as a Trustee beyond its expiration to accommodate his service as the Chairman or the Vice Chairman in each such capacity for a period not to exceed two years. The Trustees shall also choose a Corresponding Secretary, a Recording Secretary, and a Treasurer, who need not be Trustees.2. The Trustees may appoint committees for the Active Membership; levy dues and assessments; fill any Trustee vacancy which leaves fewer that five Trustees; and initiate any other action for the good of the Club, submitting any such action to the vote of the membership should such a course appear to be desirable

IV.  Duties of the Officers

1. Chairman of the Trustees

The Chairman of the Trustees shall call and preside over all meetings of the Board of Trustees and preside over the Annual Meeting.

2. Vice Chairman of the Trustees

The Vice Chairman of the Trustees shall assume the duties of the Chairman when the latter is away or is prevented from the fulfillment of his duties.

3. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall have custody of and responsibility for all monies, securities, and financial property of the Club and shall keep account of the same. He shall submit dues bills to the members and collect payment from them. He shall pay all financial obligations of the Club and shall submit a financial report at the Annual Meeting.

4. Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings, of changes in the Constitution and By-Laws, of actions of the Board of Trustees and of the Chairman which are matters of record. At each Club meeting he shall read a report of the previous meeting.

5. Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary shall receive all communications to the Club and shall attend to all correspondence. He shall maintain a list of members and a list of those proposed for membership, to be known as the Waiting List. He shall notify the members of the date and place of each meeting with data pertinent to the meeting.

V. Amendments to the Constitution

1. This Constitution may be amended by a 2/3rds vote in the affirmative of the Active Members present in person or by proxy given in writing to the Recording Secretary or his deputy at a meeting called to consider amendments. The vote shall be by ballot.

2. Written notice of the proposed amendment or amendments shall be submitted to each of the Active Members previous to the meeting before the one at which the matter is to be presented for a vote.

3. Absentee members may send in signed and sealed ballots to the Corresponding Secretary, who shall held them for opening and counting by the Tellers appointed before the vote is to be taken.

4. If the proposed amendment or amendments are rejected by the vote, the same, or similar, changes may not again be presented for consideration within one year thereafter.

BY-LAWS of The Whiting Club

  1. Vacancies in Membership1. A vacancy in the Active Membership shall be considered to exist whenever the number of Active Members is less than thirty-five.2. Resignations should be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Trustees and shall become effective when accepted by the Active Members. If, however, an Active Member lets it be known to another member or members that for any reason he is no longer able to attend meetings or otherwise carry out the duties of an Active Member, and when it may be reasonably assumed that he acts in conformity with such a statement, the Trustees may declare a vacancy and cause his name to be dropped from the rolls effective at the next meeting of the Active Members.3. If, after being on the Active Membership list for at least one year, a member transfers his residence to a city or town beyond the limits of the area from which the Active Members are normally elected, he may request in a letter to the Trustees that he be permitted to continue as an Active Member. In order for such a request to be granted, it must be made clear to the Trustees that the following conditions obtain:A. That the Member resides in such a location that he expects to be present at meetings as frequently as from his former residence;B. That he expects to discharge his other duties of Active Membership as readily as prior to his change of residence; andC. That the other members of the Club consider his new residence reasonably accessible for meetings.
  2. Election of New Members1. To propose the name of a candidate for Active Membership, a letter, signed by two Active Members as sponsors, shall be written to the Trustees, stating the residence, educational background, professional and personal qualifications and other pertinent data for consideration.2. The Trustees, acting as a Screening Committee, will carefully review the data submitted on behalf of a candidate and, upon approval, will forward it to the Corresponding Secretary, who will add the candidate’s name to the Waiting List. Should the Trustees withhold approval, no further action will be taken.
  3. As a primary condition of membership, sponsors should assure the Trustees in their letter recommending a proposed new member that he would, in their opinion and to the best of their knowledge, be capable of and willing to assume, on request, each of the following duties expected of the Active Members:

               A. Act as Presiding Officer at any Club meeting.
B. Act as Host of the Club, in his home, or other suitable place.

C. Prepare and deliver an essay, on any subject of his own choice, which will constitute the entertainment of the   evening, at any Club meeting. For this purpose, an “essay” means a non-exhaustive, entertaining presentation in which a Member introspectively explores, questions, and/or analyzes a subject.

4. Written notice of the proposed candidate’s qualifications, once approved by the Trustees, shall be submitted to each of the Active Members at least 14 days prior to the Meeting at which the vacancy of the Active Membership is to be filled. In the absence of negative comment communicated in writing to the Trustees on the candidate by an Active Member, the Trustees shall elect the candidate by their affirmative vote and the vacancy shall be declared filled at the Meeting by the Chairman. In the event of negative comment the voting to fill the vacancy shall be taken by ballot and the candidate will be accepted for membership at the meeting upon a 2/3rds vote in the affirmative of the members present in person or by written proxy given to the Recording Secretary or his deputy.

5. Candidates for Active Membership shall be considered in the order in which their names have been presented, including any former member wishing to rejoin

III.  Fees

1. Each new Active Member shall pay an initiation fee of $7.50 plus regular dues of $30.00 assessed on Active and Inactive Members.

2. If a new member is elected at either the March, April, or May meetings, he shall be exempt for the payment of dues until the following September meeting.

IV.  Meetings

1. Meetings shall be held on the fourth Monday in September, October, November, January, February, March, and April, and a May Dinner established from time to time by the Trustees. The September meeting shall be the Annual Meeting.

2. For the conduct of business at any meeting, 15 Active Members shall constitute a quorum.

3. At the Annual Meeting the report of the Treasurer shall be submitted and read at the meeting.

4. The Trustees may change the date of any meeting when unusual circumstances may justify such action. Notice of the change shall be given to the members a reasonable time in advance.

V. Amendments to the By-Laws

1. The procedure for amending these By-Laws shall be identical to that for amending the Constitution.

The above Constitution and By-Laws have been revised and restated effective October 23, 2000, with slight alteration November 26, 2007.

In Witness whereof I have set my hand this 21st day of September, 2008.

[Signed.Charles L. Newhall, Chairman]

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