Schedule of Meetings

2016-2017 Season

806th Meeting       September 26          Ed Nilssen, St. Michael’s Church, Marblehead

807th Meeting        October 24               Ken Harris, The Salem Athenaeum

808th Meeting        November 28          Jim Kearney, The Salem Athenaeum

Chairman’s Tea      December 1             The First Church in Salem, UU

809th Meeting         January 23                J.D. Scrimgeour, The Salem Athenaeum

810th Meeting         February 27              Lou Sirianni, The Pickering House

811th Meeting          March 27                  Mike Maginn, The Salem Athenaeum

812th Meeting          April 24                    Bud Page, Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead

813th Meeting          May 4                         May Dinner at the Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead,   David Godine, guest speaker


2015-2016 Season

799th Meeting        September 28     Annual Meeting & David Roper, The Salem Athenaeum

800th Meeting        October 26         TBA

801st Meeting          November 25       John Carr, The Salem Athenaeum

Chairman’s Tea       December 11      First Church in Salem, Unitarian Universalist

802nd Meeting       January 25          David Bittermann, St. Michael’s Church, Marblehead

803rd Meeting       February 22         David O. Decker, The Salem Athenaeum

804th Meeting       March 28             David Gephart, Gephart House on Broad Street

805th Meeting       April 25                Darrow Lebovici, The Salem Athenaeum

May Dinner            May                        Turner’s Restaurant, Salem


2014-2015 Season

792nd Meeting     September 22nd   “Who are these Sicilians, anyway?” at The Salem Athenaeum  David Hart

793rd Meeting     October 27     “The Art of Everything” at The Salem Museum at Salem Old Town Hall    Ken Harris

794th Meeting      November 24th     “Theyz a Lion Loose fum a Zoo” at the First Church in Salem, UU       Paul Lessard

Chairman’s Tea at the First Church in Salem, UU    December 12th

795th Meeting     January 26th “Falling Asleep on Rembrandt” at the Pickering House, Salem    Tim Jenkins

796th Meeting     February 23rd   “The End of an Empire” at the First Church in Salem, UU     Peter Eschauzier

March 23rd     Darrow Lebovici  (CANCELLED on account of Snow)

797th Meeting     April 27th      “Most Agreeable:  Salem’s 18th Century Country Estates and Gardens” at the Andrew Stafford House     Dean Lahikainen

798th Meeting   May 15th     May Dinner at Turner’s Seafood on Church St., Salem


2013-2014 Season

784th Meeting     September 23rd   The Salem Athenaeum  J.D. Scrimgeour

785th Meeting     October 28th   St. Michael’s Church, Marblehead  Ed Nilsson

786th Meeting    November 25th   Benjamin Carpenter House  Sandy Dickson

Chairman’s Tea   December 13th  Benjamin Carpenter House

787th Meeting    January 27th  First Church in Salem  Jeffrey Barz-Snell

788th Meeting    February 24th  “Reading Rumi at Mutual Oil” at Griffin Home on Beckford Street  Richard Griffin

789th Meeting    March 31st The Salem Athenaeum  Michael Maginn

790th Meeting    April 28th Macauley Home on Circle Street   Don Macaulay

791st Meeting    May Dinner         The Hawthorne Hotel, Salem

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